English Classes at P.S 166Q

End of Semester Notes from Ryan Myers!

Hi Friends!

I wanted to give you an end-of-semester update on English Classes for Parents. We just finished 10 weeks of classes. We had 20 different students attend classes, with an average of about 12-14 per day. Brigitte (Todd) was there every day to sign students in to class, take the donations (we collected $5 per week per student) and to help set up the tables in the cafeteria. Ms. Diaz helped a lot with our lowest-level students. She was able to work 1-1 with them or in small groups to give them the extra attention they needed. They were both great and I couldn’t have done the classes without them!

Attached is a photo of our last day of class. We had a little party with donuts, cake & muffins and we gave cards to Ms. Diaz & Brigitte to say thanks. As you can see, we met in the teacher’s lounge the last day because of other events taking place in the cafeteria. Ms. Diaz requested the teacher’s lounge for next semester and Ms. Geller approved it on the spot, so we’ll be meeting upstairs in room #205 starting next semester.

Several of my students have started getting involved with PTA events. Throughout the semester, I mentioned events to them and encouraged them to attend the events as well as to get involved with the PTA as volunteers. Some of them attended Fright Night, as guests and as volunteers, and I think a few even volunteered for picture day. I was so encouraged to see the parents taking the step to get more involved – both so they can practice their English and to engage more in the community life of our school.

I’ve been really honored to be able to teach this class and invest in the lives of the parents & their children. I’ve made good friends, too. Thank you for all your support in giving me this opportunity.


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