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Active Design Mural for the Courtyard Space at P.S. 166Q

The Concept:

We seek to design and install an interactive mural that encourages physical play in the outdoor play space. Rather than a cosmetic approach, we seek to select a design with interactive elements that will engage the students in physically active play through an innovative approach. Gross motor development remains closely linked with health, wellness, and academic performance.

You can see the Dept. of Health Active Design Program press release HERE for further details on the benefits of the project.

The Project:

  1. Seek voluntary design submissions from ARTISTS within the PS166Q community (PARENTS, TEACHERS, FACULTY, SUPPORTERS)
  2. Students will vote for their favorite design (if we have a large number of submissions, we’d narrow the choices down to 3-5 for the students to vote.
  3. Schedule a community participation day (or two) in the late summer with enough volunteers (students, parents, teachers, faculty, community, etc) to paint the mural
  4. Work with the artist to transfer the concept to scale before the arrival of the volunteers
  5. Make magic!

Anticipated Costs:

All design and labor will be volunteer-based, so the cost will center around materials and supplies. While the specific cost would be subject to change based on design, we anticipate an overall cost of $10-$20 per sq. foot with the final price depending on the level of detail or color requirements involved.

Design Submission Requirements:

  1. A full-color design mock-up, large enough to see the detail elements. The larger back wall is the main focus, but we may be able to include a smaller wall as well. Applicants may submit for the large wall only or both. (See image in the application)
  2. Must include interactive elements. Examples include:
    a. Lines to measure how far or high a child can jump (like a fox or leopard)
    b. Silhouettes to represent physical game options
    c. A wheel of physical game choices
  3. The design is intended for walls only (floor designs do not have the longevity, but some elements may be considered)
  4. Must include a visual draft, written breakdown of the design and the vision for the interactive elements.
  5. If Selected, the artist will be asked to contribute the following:
    a. Project Timeline through completion
    b. Full color design with a breakdown of how many colors are needed for the design (paint selection process, estimate of cost)
    c. Participation in transferring the design to the space to scale
    d. Participation for the event itself to participate with the community in bringing the design to life!


Summary / Application

We are seeking volunteer artists to design an Active Design Mural for our courtyard playspace.

Applicants provide: Complete Application including a digital upload of your design(s).

Next Steps / Selection Process:

  • The Enrichment Committee of the PTA will narrow the applications down to 3-5 options.
  • The students will vote for their favorite design!

3-2-1 Action!

The Enrichment Committee will notify all applicants of the final selection.

The selected artist will then continue with the following:

  • 1-2 Planning Meetings (with the Enrichment Committee) to identify material requirements and costs
  • Participate in the selection of the Final Date(s) for installation (w/ Ms. Gellar)
  • Plan the pre-work session to sketch the design to scale in the Courtyard
  • Join the PS 166 community in bringing the mural to life on the selected date(s). We anticipate 1 day for the pre-sketch and 1-2 days for the completion of the project and look forward to involving our students and families in the process.

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