We need parents to lead our Fundraising efforts and help with our committee teams!

(descriptions below)
President: OPEN
Treasurer: OPEN
Recording Secretary: OPEN

(descriptions here)

Community Engagement: 1 OPEN Co-Chair
Social Events: 2 OPEN Co-Chairs
Fundraising: 1 OPEN Co-Chairs
Enrichment: 1 OPEN Co-Chair
Communications: 1 OPEN Co-Chair


NOTE: Everyone tends to pitch in to do whatever is necessary to keep the PTA running smoothly, below is a description for each position:


  • Lead monthly PTA meetings and monthly executive committee meetings
  • Represent the PTA on the SLT (School Leadership Team) and the Presidents’ Council
  • Prepare Annual budget and PTA calendar with Treasurer and all committees
  • Oversee all activities of the PTA and work with others to carry-out PTA objectives
  • Keep official copies and files of PTA documents designated in bylaws
  • Ensure PTA by-laws are adhered
  • Maintain lines of communication open for all

    Time Commitment: Approximately 40-50 hours per month
    Term: 1 year term, renewable for 2 additional term.


  • Monitor PTA finances and budget
  • Produce and present monthly financial reports, tracking all income and spending
  • Prepare annual budget, and propose ongoing budget changes as necessary
  • File annual tax return; file all IRS forms
  • Reconcile PTA banking account
  • Collect funds and deposit to bank
  • Make disbursements as authorized, have checks signed as needed
  • Make purchases when needed for PTA business
  • Prepare Interm PA Financials for Principal in December and June

    Time Commitment: Approximately 30 hours per month
    Term: 1 year term, renewable additional terms.


  • Work with President to prepare agendas for monthly PTA and Executive Committee meetings
  • Record the minutes of all PTA meetings
  • Work with Communications to promote PTA meeting and agenda topics on social media
  • Prepare PTA meeting minutes, and get approvals, for circulations
  • Assist in recruiting and tracking volunteers for PTA initiatives and events
  • Special projects as assigned/created

    Time Commitment: Approximately 15 hours per month
    Term: 1 year term, renewable for additional terms.


  • Preside at meetings with and in the absence of the President
  • Work with President and Treasurer on budgeting for fundraisers
  • Provide updates of committee activities at PTA meetings.
  • Recruit volunteers to lead PTA initiatives and help PTA chairs to recruit volunteers for events

    Time Commitment: Approximately 20 hours per month
    Term: 1 year term, renewable for additional terms.


PTA Executive Board (2018-19)

President: Maritza Baqueiro
VP: Guadalupe Marino
Treasurer: Lunéy Sanchez-Tubis
Recording Secretary: Marina Peralta

PTA Committee Chairs (2018-19)

Community Engagement: Jeannette Prostowich, Kathryn Reklis
Social Events: Guadalupe Marino
Fundraising: Nadia Keshodkar, Michelle Pinto
Enrichment: Elizabeth Coley, Cynthia Riba
Communications: Cynthia Riba, Paul Wagner
Class Parents & Garden Club: Carlos Encinias

Contact us at info@ptaofps166.org