We always need parents for upcoming events!

Email: info@ptaofps166.org

So many of us would like to volunteer some time to help out our kids’ school, but we don’t know where or when we are most needed. There are so many ways you can donate your time to help our school community!

Whether you have one hour a week, or one hour a year—during the day or at night, every little bit of help is so appreciated! If you’d like to be involved on a regular, recurring basis:

  • Join a PTA committee!
    Our committees need people who want to contribute ideas and time to organize fundraisers, write grant applications, coordinate parent volunteers, and more.
  • Volunteer your translation skills.
    We always need help with translations of PTA documents into Spanish and other languages.
  • Become a Class Parent
    Become the parent in your class who makes sure all the other parents know what’s going on in the school. Come to PTA meetings, encourage other parents to do so as well, and keep everyone informed.

If you have only limited time, but can’t commit to anything ongoing: Help us help the school—if you are interested in lending a hand, please email info@ptaofps166.org with time(s) & day(s) you will be available.